Sam Krupski / October, 2010 / World History CP with Mr. Masterson / Note-taking Assignment

Cultures of the Mountain and the Sea

Key People/Vocabulary:

  • Mycenaean - people who settled in the Greek mainland (around 2,000 B.C.) were known as the Mycenaeans, now and then.
  • Trojan War - a not-so fictional war that took place around 1,200 B.C. and was later discovered that this chaotic event had actually (maybe) had happened.
  • Dorians - a new civilization/group that moved toward and in the war-torn countryside of Greece. They were distant relatives of the Bronze Age Greek(s).
  • Homer - a prolific writer at that time that published the Illiad and the Odyssey, both of which are epic tales of myths and wars.
  • Epic(s) - narrative poems and sonnets celebrating heroic deeds and actions.
  • Myth(s) - traditional, fictional stories based off of morals and philosophy.

Key Events/Happenings:

Geography Shapes Greek Life

- The Greece area was mainly mountainous and rigid. The acropolis (or mountain barrier) was an awkward spot to withhold such a powerful empire and government.
- The Sea was crucial for trade and food purposes. It (overall) shaped Greece, back then.
- Mountains covered 3/4 of Greece's main area; the part that wasn't covered was were the city-states were usually located.
- Islands - distant, unnattached - were often formed into independent city-states with the civilians own view-points and governmental beliefs.
- Only a small part of Greece, in a whole, was arable and fit for farming/crops.
- Had a varied climate, with temperatures increasing and decreasing all the time. It was erratic.

Mycenaean Civilization Develops

- A Mycenaean was a person who had migrated and settled in Greece around the 2,000 B.C. time period.
- Mycenae was located in the southern region of Greece.
- Rigid, tough geography were challenges for the Mycenaeans.
- After 1,500 B.C. (through either trade or war) the settled Mycenaeans came into contact with the Minoans.
- This opened the Mycenaeans eyes to sea-born and sea-bound trade across the ocean.
- The Trojan War was fought in 1,200(s) B.C. and lasted ten years.

Greek Culture Declines Under the Dorians

- Not so long after the brutal, and exceedingly long war, the Mycenaean civilization collapsed.
- In 1,200 B.C., sea raiders crashed and destroyed their village (with fire and tools).
- After these harsh events, a new group of people moved to the war-stricken countryside: the Dorians.
- They spoke a dialect of Greek and were considered ancestors to the Bronze Age Greeks.
- Homer, a superbly talented and obscure poet back then, wrote major, epic tales of the myths and beliefs at that time (see above description).
- Greeks, inspired by Homer's wit and craft, later came up with Greek myths (gods, goddesses, monsters, etc.).