Sam Krupski / World History CP with Mr. Masterson / October, 2010 / Notes Assignment

Notes on Chapter 12 - 5

Key People/Vocabulary:

  • Khmer Empire (Currently Cambodia) - the main, base power on the Southeast Asian mainland/area.

  • Angkor Wat - one of the world's greatest architectural achievement; a mile-spanning man-made mountain.

  • Koryu Dynasty - Wang Kon's controlling power over the land; naming it Koryu. This potent dynasty lasted for four and a half centuries (935 - 1392).

Key Events/Happenings:

Kingdoms of Southeast Asia

Geography included the lying of the Asian area between two major oceans - the Indian and the Pacific (spanning vastly).
This consisted Indochina and many islands (the most well-known, largest were the Sumatra, Borneo, and the Java.
Many influences were mixed by (basically) cultural diffusion - the greatest inspirations were from India and China.
The Khmer Empire - nowadays Cambodia - was the base power for the area of Southeast Asia land.
Trading amongst the major islands of Asia was popular at that time.
Dai Viet was Vietnam's isolated, uninspired dynasty.

Korean Dynasties
Many varied dynasties were among the other Asian dynasties.
Geography of Korea was simple: a jutting, severe penninsula splitting away from the Asian mainland and toward Japan.
Many different histories of cultures in early Korea (like the Han empire, for instance).
The Koryu Dynasty had a massive affect on the surrounding cultures and was the majority of power, back then.
Much of the Koryu Dynasty events had cultural changes; these included Song porcelain artists, Korean potters, and the notorious milky glaze.